Balloon Art

Allan Wade started twisting balloons when he was young. Joy Wade’s family put on Saturday morning Clowning Classes for groups of children. As part of the program they would teach students to twist the long skinny balloons into dogs. With a few adjustments in the dimensions, the family members showed them how they could make bunny rabbits or giraffes as well.

With a growing family of his own Allan Wade went back to school and needed a night job that could fit around his school schedule. Twisting balloon figures at restaurants was starting to become popular at that time. He spent a few days in “balloon school” where he learned to twist bears, lions, hearts, flowers and other popular figures. Then he started performing as a balloon artist in restaurants all over the valley. With some creativity, over the next year, he twisted more than 300 different figures including animals, crazy hats and other things as requested.

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